Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Disorganized. Full of integrity. Kind. Sincere. Intense. Eccentric. Passionate. Spontaneous. Periodically angry. Extremely bright. Painfully honest. Gregarious. Deeply insecure. A curious mix of introversion and extroversion. Fun loving. Doubtful . . . faithful . . . faith full . . . faith nurturing. Impractical. Extraordinary. Carefree. Lonely. Inquisitive. Adventurous. Blunderer. The absolute master of romance. Introspective. Inspiring. Forlorn. Tender. Energetic. Stress cadet. Snuggly. Grace obsessed. Grace filled. Grace spreader. Passionate. Clueless. Poetic. Road-rager. Indescribably hilarious. Both steady and erratic. Sensitive. Moral. Selfless. Whimsical. Prophetic. Artistic. Unruly. Wise. Honorable. Angst infested. Rebellious. Generous beyond description. Mess maker. Childlike. Remarkable. God haunted. Jesus lover. Jesus stalker. Jesus inhabited. His children’s loving, devoted, playful, motivating, and encouraging father and friend. My true love, soul mate, and incredible, one-of-akind husband: Michael.

Karla Yaconelli wrote that about her husband Mike after his death. What would be written about you? What would you want said about yourself?

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