Sunday, 15 April 2012

What kind of life do YOU envision?

I envision a life that is not as hectic. We always seem to be on our way to the next place, never really arriving at a destination.

I envision a life with either more money or less expenses. I strongly suspect it's less expenses.

I envision a life with less time in the car and more time for walks. Can this ever become a reality?

I envision life where there is a time for work and a time for play. I love to work, but I just want it to keep from getting offside. I want to play more, but I think after all these year I've forgotten how.

I envision a life with less fast food in the car and more spreads of home cooking with family and friends. Shoving burritos in our mouths while driving can't be what God had in mind for us. We have lost the beautiful art of sharing a meal together. I want to regain that art.

I envision a life of less accumulation and more conversation. I already have way too many manuals on how to care for the stuff I bought. Plus, people have to be more interesting than things. I don't think most of us really know for sure. (Randy Frazee)

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