Sunday, 15 July 2012

Frustration is excellent soil for growing a demanding spirit.

We pray, asking God to hear our cry, pleading with Him to let nothing else go wrong.  I wonder if sometimes the passion in our prayers reflects more of a demand than a petition.  Frustration is excellent soil for growing a demanding spirit.  It is therefore important that we handle difficulties well, allowing them to mature us rather than to push us toward demandingness.

The beginning of a proper response to frustrating circumstances is a clear recognition of who's in charge.  To handle frustration by reminding ourselves how much God loves us is a good second step, but not the first one.  We must take our place as a creature before our Creator and then explore the wonder of our Creator's loving character.  An awareness of God's love casts out our fear, but subjection to His authority deals with our demandingness. (L. Crabb)

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