Saturday, 6 July 2013

Lets Agree Right Now That These Things Are Crazy

A nation with a frightening obesity rate coexists on the same small planet with millions who go hungry daily.

It is rare that I am hungry for more than one hour.

Today thousands of women will sit in traffic, burning precious natural resources, in order to drive to a gym where they will pay money to run, like a common classroom hamster, on a treadmill that's not even pointed at a window but at a television screen.

While many black adolescent girls eschew their full lips and dark skin, white women are paying thousands of dollars to have collagen injected into their skinny lips and are getting skin cancer trying to darken their skin both on the beach and at toxic tanning booths.

While looking online for books on women's bodies and self-acceptance, I was much more interested in the one with the lean, sexy belly on the cover than the one with the real, roundish belly.

Many of us pay actual money to drink carbonated, chemical beverages with no caloric or nutritional value.

This spring, as fashion experts dismiss last season's styles, affluent women will take their perfectly good clothing to Goodwill. Next spring, capricious profit-driven designers will bring back a variation of the old style to make more money off the same women who wouldn't be caught dead inside Goodwill.

Women with excessively large breasts, some who suffer horrible back pain, are going under the knife for reduction surgery, while women who want excessively large breasts are choosing to have them constructed cosmetically.

For a number of people like me, the need for more closet space seems like a bigger problem than the fact that we shop seasonally without ever actually needing new clothes.

I have to expend more energy and concerted effort to not overeat than I do to gather the daily resources I need to survive. (Unsqueezed, MStarbuck)

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