Friday, 26 June 2009

Is there a crack in your façade of, ‘my life is perfect’?

Choose to live a powerfully authentic life rather than projecting the typical “my-life-is-perfect” Christian façade.

Sometimes our our past invades our present. We get 'stuck and unrelational'.

This is how Fil Anderson described his own journey,

"To the casual onlooker, my life appeared quite good. But something was wrong inside me. My life had become a ghostly journey, as I maintained a deadly course with an incapacitated soul. I was obsessed with helping others have the kind of relationship with God that I had never known… My life was filled with doing things for God rather than pursuing intimacy with God...

I have been ripped apart by the relentlessly competing demands of my job and home, wife and children, friends and family who persistently ask for more than I’ve ever felt capable of giving. My hopes for the future have been haunted by the blunders in my past. My desperate longing to get my life right has been dogged by the nagging fear that it will never, ever happen, given the obvious fact that I am hopelessly flawed."

Mike Yaconelli addressed how the church can help us deal with our own failed realities,

"The church ought to be the one place where I'm so anxious to get there because I can stop the pretending. When you ask, "Mike, how are you?" I don't go "Praise the Lord," I say, "I'm in bad shape." And you go, "Okay, great. Tell me about it."

Pretending is the grease of non-relationships. Pretending is how you and I get through the day without ever having to know each other. When I walk in the room, you say to me, "How are you?" Well, you don't want to know. And, frankly, I don't want to tell you. So I just say "fine," and you go "fine." And off we go."

Ask God for courage to face your own failings and shortcomings. Give God permission to lead you to a group of people who will be there for you as you walk the journey out.

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