Saturday, 8 May 2010

Do you have petty dreams?

“Is the work God called me to do finished? Or is there something more? And if we don’t have some larger context than just the dreary day-to-day facts of life, negative feelings take over our lives, and that will eventually lead to some kind of crash.

I think that you could empirically verify the causation flowing from the hopelessness and the disappointment to many of the physical effects you see in people in their later years.

I think the critical difference between success and significance is that success has more to do with outcomes I’m in charge of, while significance has more to do with outcomes I’m not in charge of.

The beautiful thing about significance is that we resign the outcomes to God, and we let a power beyond ourselves take care of them. Success is focused on my action, my control, my outcomes, whereas significance is found in a much larger context. I’m not running that, and the step of surrender is crucial because surrender allows me to release all that outcome stuff.” Bob Buford

Complacency is not an option.

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