Sunday, 14 November 2010

What is Sunday for?

Growing up I loved Sundays. We'd usually have a great breakfast of bacon & eggs. I'd watch NFL (or other sports) with my step dad & then later in the afternoon play football or baseball with my friends.

It was always a great way to prepare for heading back to school. (And in later years for back to work).

Hanging out in my neighbourhood with friends was pretty sweet.

I gotta be honest, going to a 'Worship Service' hasn't always evoked the same thoughts & feelings as the Sundays I just wrote about.

Quite often the experience of 'going to church' is like a giant vacuum cleaner sucking us out of our neighborhoods into a foreign environment where we conspire to figure out clever ways to trick our friends who we left behind in our neighbourhood to come to.

Maybe its just me...

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