Wednesday, 6 June 2007

How do you become the church, not simply go to church? How do you practice a living faith in the world without succumbing to its values and lifestyle? Where is the link between the formative practices and centered life of Jesus, and the expression of His life and practices in today’s world?

Fastfood spirituality doesn’t die easily.

James 4:2
“What causes fights and quarrels among you?” James asks. He answers his own question straightforwardly, “You desire but you do not have, so you kill. You covet but you cannot get what you want, so you quarrel and fight.”

Sound like alot of church life you've seen before?

“What we, as discriminating shoppers of spiritual goods and services, finally want to know is, How will believing in this god improve my quality of life? Bottom line, what does this deity do for me?” Inagrace Dietterich

Ask God to transform us into a worshiping community of committed followers being sent to the world!

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