Saturday, 16 June 2007

by Samuel Cravens
Last night me and life has a talk
He wanted to go on but I wanted to stay
I wanted to hold on to the past
But life said there was no way
I tried to bargin with him
I would grow up some other time
He just shook his head and said
The decision is not mine
Then I began to beg and plead
Please just wait a few years
He looked at me sadly and asked
What is it that I fear
I looked life in the eyes
And knew I could no longer hide the truth
I was a grown man in a man’s body
But in my mind I was still a youth
I turned to life again and asked
Why was he in such a hurry
He looked at me and retorted
Why was I so worried.
I wanted to be a teenager again
To do the things I never did
But life just didn’t care
Because I was no longer a kid
Life looked at me and read
From a paper in his hand
I asked what was he reading
He said the responsibility of a man
As life was reading from that paper
The list seemed to have no end
I thought life was playing a game
A game that I could not win
Although I knew the answer
I asked who was the list for
Life just looked at me and smiled
And said you not a kid anymore.

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