Sunday, 13 December 2009

Crazy Love?!

Jesus was crazy. He came into the world
with the nutty idea that human beings could love one another...

Peace on earth, indeed! Maybe Jesus should have stayed home. He was wrong. We cannot love one another.
The best we can do is keep the levels of hatred
low enough so we don’t exterminate one another
before we all die ...

It was a great idea, of course. Too bad it didn’t work.

What if he wasn’t crazy?
What if he was right?
What if it is possible to love one another?
What if the lion can lie down with the lamb?
What if Arab and Jew, Protestant and Catholic,
black and white, young and old, male and female,
can love one another without fear, without hatred,
without death and destruction?

What if the crib scene is what the world is really
all about and everything else is phony?
What would it be like if Jesus knew the way
things really were?
What if life does triumph over death,
light over darkness,
good over evil,
love over hate,
comedy over tragedy...?

What if... Andrew Greeley

Change everything. Love & forgive.