Thursday, 10 December 2009

What Have I Done?!

The name Tiger used to bring with it a sense of power, mystique, & greatness (fill in the superlative). Now it hastens us to think of failure, hypocrisy & humiliation (insert your own name here unless you're perfect - John 8:7).

What is Tiger to do? What can you & I do about our own 'transgressions'?

Ole Hallesby has said, "Helplessness becomes prayer the moment that you go to Jesus and speak candidly and confidently with him about your needs. This is to believe."

Until we hit rock bottom & get tired of trying to 'spin' our way out of our troubles we won't find forgiveness & inner peace. A Puritan named Thomas Watson wrote, "repentance is the vomiting of the soul".

Get the 'moral dry heaves' where you repent until there is no more. Begin the road back by letting the Father find you in your own mess. Don't worry about the mess of others.

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