Friday, 3 June 2011

2-minutes for "Delay of Blog."

I spent the day hanging out with my mom at the hospice which prevented me from having a blog post ready to go.

It was good day for her as she finally got the perm & haircut she had so desperately wanted for so long but couldn't get because she was so sick.

The day wasn't without it's challenges - as after my mom's bath I came into her room & the sheet was pulled up over her head.

I froze - afraid to pull the sheet back off her head. After what seemed like an eternity I swallowed hard & pulled the sheet back - her eyes were closed.

My heart was racing & then my mom opened her eyes!

I asked her what she was doing & she said, "I was cold."

I had to leave the room to get her some warm blankets & to compose myself.

Has anything scared you that deeply lately?

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