Monday, 13 June 2011

Let's move...

...into the neighbourhood and help create an active community.

Eat better.

Take action now.

According to Gallup,
  • Schools and businesses can help reduce obesity and encourage healthy behaviors by eliminating sugary drinks and foods that are deep-fried or high in sugar, replacing them with healthier alternatives accompanied by nutritional information.
  • Schools can initiate "walking school buses" to encourage kids and parents to walk to school safely in large groups.
  • Businesses can give their employees an incentive to maintain healthy BMIs by increasing contributions to medical spending accounts when these goals are met.
  • invest in widening and lengthening walking/biking paths to encourage pedestrian traffic to grocery stores, schools, and mass transit
Communities also can,
  • denote bike lanes on city roads
  • levy additional taxes on foods that are high in sugar to reduce their purchase and consumption
  • maintain a security presence in at-risk neighborhoods to ensure that people feel safe when they shop fresh food stands and farmers markets
  • certify and promote restaurants that offer smaller portions and a wide selection of heart-healthy fare as "community wellbeing" establishments
  • certify and promote grocery stores that make it easy for shoppers to find healthy, low-fat foods and that provide free recipes for healthy home cooking

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