Friday, 17 June 2011


My highest hope is for all of us to stop trying to fool others… we need to become better known for what and who we actually are. Perhaps a good place to begin would be telling the world – before the world does its own investigation – that we’re not as bad as they think. We’re worse. At least I know I’m worse.

Let’s get real. For every mean-spirited, judgmental thing some preacher has said, I’ve thought something nastier, more hateful and more cutting about one of my neighbors. For every alleged act of homophobia by my fellow Christians, I’ve done something stupid to demonstrate my manliness. For every brother or sister whose moral failure has been exposed, I’ve failed privately… If we really believe the gospel we proclaim, we’ll be honest about our own beauty and brokenness, and the beautiful One will make himself known to our neighbors through the chinks in our armor—and in theirs. years. Fil Anderson

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