Sunday, 24 July 2011

Apply This!

This cartoon brought to mind a recent blog I read. In it the writer was wondering how to apply David Platt's book, Radical.

Instead of imploring his readers to give the ideas in the book a try, the blog writer simply said, 'this book is rather weak on how to apply all of this stuff.'

I was stunned, but sadly not surprised.

The move from just mere knowledge, or facts, on to significant behavioral change & character formation is sadly lacking in many Christian circles.

Everyone is searching for success stories and, 'the quicker you can show me how to get there' the better.

Instant spiritual growth is a demand, and if its not instant you'd better be able to show me how to get from A - Z in a series of easily explainable steps.

You know, just the way God explained things to Abraham in Genesis.

What specifics are you waiting on God for?

All truly contemplatives souls have this in common: not that they gather exclusively in the desert, or that they shut themselves up in reclusion, but that where He is, there they are.

And how do they find Him? By technique? There is no technique for finding Him. They find Him by His will. And His will, bringing them grace within and arranging their lives exteriorly, carries them infallibly to the precise place in which they can find Him. Even there they do not know how they have got there, or what they are really doing. Thomas Merton

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