Thursday, 7 July 2011

an empty glass

A friend of mine (thanks Clint) tipped me off to a talk his dentist gave after receiving a Distinguished Medal of Service from the Alberta Dental Association and College to the 2011 Dental Congress Awards Night.

Dr. Paula Yeung has Stage IV lung cancer and during her talk she remarked,

"If I could use a glass of water to be an analogy for life, I am grateful that I still have a few drops remaining in my glass. Though it is reaching the bottom, it means a lot to me and my family, as we can spend this little time together."

I was deeply struck by the power of Dr. Yeung's comment, and that in my mom's particular situation she is now down literally to her last drop.

These last few drops of life my mom has lived have been extraordinarily painful, yet they are precious precisely because they are the last few drops of life she has had.

Many thanks to those who have shared in this journey. I could not have walked it alone.

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