Friday, 8 July 2011

Goodbye to 9Y-25...

This morning we cleaned out my mom's hospice room, said goodbye & thank you to the many staff who really cared for her these last 51/2 weeks of her life.

It was hard to go up to the unit knowing she was no longer there, as well as realizing I would not be coming back to visit her ever again.

Taking down the cards, the flowers and the art work my kids had made for her wall felt so sad & empty.

Yet in the midst of it I found myself so thankful that mom was able to be a part of this caring community while her life wound down.

It was exactly the kind of place she could have worked or even volunteered, for life was always precious in her eyes, relationships of crucial importance and those who hurt always had a place in mom's heart.

I will never forget 9Y...

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