Monday, 12 September 2011

Don't speak with the devil...

Recently I heard a Miles McPherson message from Promise Keepers Canada about temptation.

In that message Miles said, 'Don't speak with the devil.' He recounted the story in Genesis 3 where Adam & Eve veered from communicating openly with God to beginning to speak with Satan directly.

I instantly felt application to a certain relationship in my life. Just a day or two before I had covenanted not to speak to a certain person because only evil seemed to be emanating from their life. This was God revealing why he had asked me no to speak with that person.

God was not saying this person was the actual devil, but simply that the person had opened themselves up to letting evil influences speak through themselves.

Perhaps God is wanting you to not speak directly with Satan.

Is there a temptation, or a relationship of weakness that leads you to sin (or simply drags you down) that God wants you to avoid?

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