Wednesday, 16 February 2011

There is this false twisted idea out there among religious people that somehow you gotta have it all together to have a relationship with God, that like somehow God’s only looking for people who have no problems, and have it all nailed down, and can put on like the happy face all the time.

Yet the scriptures speak directly against this kind of thinking. I mean Jesus is just straight ahead and said "come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden". I mean the essence of salvation is crying out to God and admitting "I don’t have it all together," its admitting, "I am lost, I am hurting, and this sinful nature that I carry around with me have really screwed things up for me, and God if you don’t show me the way home, if you don’t fix thing if you don’t step in, I am dying here."

And this kind of thinking is all through out the scripture, its over and over again God says to us "When you come to me, you come to me with all your junk, you come to me with your problems, come to me all screwed up all messed up, let me take care of it. Jesus, even sets out looking for people, he even says this; he says, 'I’m not looking for the healthy, I come for the sick.'" Rob Bell

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