Friday, 25 February 2011

What do you see?

Many people claim that they have seen truths in the Bible. Actually, only those who resolve to do God's will have seen them. Only they can claim that their and thorough. The Lord has to do much work in us before we can “resolve” this way.

Do not think that light comes without a price. Every seeing is accompanied by a high price; we have to pay a price to see. Sometimes God has to bring a person through two or three experiences before he sees something. Sometimes God has to bring him through six or seven experiences before he sees something. God's light often comes to us in a reflective way. First it shines on something else, and then it is reflected to us.

God's light is often reflective light.
We must see light from one angle before we can see light from another angle and then a third angle. Sometimes we need to go through a few experiences before we can see light. If we are disobedient in one thing, we miss the revelation. Watchman Nee

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