Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Bring the books and parchment notebooks when you come...

Why not opt out of the news or TV & invest your time in reading something that will encourage your faith & stretch your mind?!

FOLLOW ME - Becoming a Little Jesus

Following Jesus involves more than simply accepting him as your Saviour via some prayer of commitment, no matter how sincere that prayer might be. In order to follow Jesus you must also emulate him, using his life as a pattern for your own; i.e. "becoming a little Jesus".

When we call ourselves little Jesuses, we aren't claiming to be able to walk on water or die for the sins of the world. No, being a little Jesus means we adopt the values embodied in Jesus' life and teaching. Only Jesus was able to feed thousands with small amounts of bread and fish, but as little Jesus-es we can embrace the values of hospitality and generosity. We might not be able to preach to multitudes, but we can commit to speaking truth to lies and watch how we speak about others [gossip and innuendo]. We can't die for any-one's sins, but we can embrace selflessness, sacrifice and suffering.

We hope to see a conspiracy of little Jesuses unleashed all over the world, transforming their communities the way Jesus transformed his. To give concrete examples of what it means to emulate Jesus, throughout this book we will be giving thumbnail portraits of the little Jesuses that have inspired us. (REJESUS , Michael Frost)

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